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Well it seems we were not able to get help...

RhainyC started this conversation
I have given up on getting any sort of help from anywhere...we are dealing with our problems and hoping to survive.
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Thank you so much for sharing this lovely prayer with us. Prayer is the key to solving many (if not most) of our issues. God bless you, Anonymous40784

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terry ritchie


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terry ritchie

You know there is a small pharagraph in the bible--it's about a man named Jabez. What makes him so special is his prayer...He prayed to Jesus for more responsibility to honor him-- and hhe was granted his needs. So Did I.And I was ANSWERED. So I am passing the prayer on to you! Say it everyday, Jesus wants people to tell others about this prayer. pass it on to someone else and your prayed will be granted.I promise! OH MY JESUS GIVE ME MORE RESPONSIBILITY TO HONOR YOU> I NEED A MIRACLE...JESUS USE ME... GIVE ME MORE WAYS TO LEAD PEOPLE TO YOU FOR YOU TO RELEASE MIRACLES. STRETCH THE LIMITS OF MY INFLUENCE AND OPPORTUNITIES>>& amp;gt;OH THAT YOUR HAND WOULD BE WITH ME...JESUS,LORD EVERYTHING YOU HAVE PUT UNDER MY CARE--TAKE IT AND ENLARGE IT. PLEASE EXPAND MY OPPORTUNITIES WITH INPACT IN SUCH A WAY THAT I TOUCH MORE LIVES FOR YOUR GLORY> LET ME DO MORE FOR YOU...GIVE ME MORE BLESSING. SEND SOMEONE TO ME WHO NEEDS ME> I WILL GIVE THEM THIS PRAYER AND DIRECT THEM TO TOU( MAKE YOUR REQUEST HERE)

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